Other Software

This is a collection of some legacy software, previously available on SENKAS.COM:


Kolibri+PHP is a simple HTTP server that supports both static and dynamic (PHP) content. Kolibri+PHP has simple GUI, small footprint, logging, dynamic configuration and runs without installation.

It is intended for local testing and development and it's not secure for use on a public website! It does not work on Windows 7 or higher.

Download Kolibri+PHP


Sizectory is file inventory and disk usage analyzer application. It provides full file inventory for a specified folder, with size for all files and sub-folders inside it. As every computer user knows, there are plenty of hard to find files (temporary files, logs, downloads, old files) just sitting there and taking disk space. Sizectory can help you identify disk space usage so you can remove unwanted files and free some disk space.

Download Sizectory for Windows

Download Sizectory for Linux

Download Sizectory for Mac OS X


Before Kolibri+PHP, there was wxWebServer, a very simple HTTP server that supports both static and dynamic web content (via CGI). wxWebServer is a free software, released under the GPL v3 license.

wxWebServer is a result of my need to have a very basic server that has some kind of GUI and can be quickly started and configured to help me test and develop small web sites.

Download wxWebServer for Windows XP/2003/Vista

Download wxWebServer for Mac OS X (10.4 and 10.5 only)

Download wxWebServer source code