Krypto Notes

Krypto Notes is a simple note taking application for your mobile device that protects and encrypts your data.

Key features of the application:

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Data encryption
  • Customizable tags for easy grouping of your notes (new in 2.0)
  • Full title and content search capabilities
  • Adjustable text size (new in 2.0)
  • Unique desktop integration

Desktop Companion 2.1.111

Free Download

Available for Windows 7/8 now, let us know if you are would like to see Mac or Linux version. This version of Desktop Companion requires KryptoNotes 2.0 or higher on your device.

Still using KryptoNotes 1.x on your device? You will need previous version of Desktop Companion. Download here.

Use Krypto Notes application to store any information you want to keep private and confidential. Store and manage your logins, passwords or any other data with knowledge that your data is secured using strong encryption algorithm.

Krypto Notes enables you to group your notes usign fully customizable tags. You can change tag name or assign one of 9 available colours.

You always have your device with you but it’s not always practical to enter a lot of data on a small screen and without a physical keyboard. Krypto Notes works with the unique Krypto Notes Desktop Companion to help you manage your data securely, directly from your computer.

Krypto Notes application is unique as it works with the Desktop Companion, a free application for your computer that enables you to manage device data on your computer. Desktop Companion connects directly to your device and presents you with the desktop interface to your data.

Krypto Notes is available for Android devices and BlackBerry PlayBook.

Lockable Data Store

Lockable Data Store application enables you to store, protect and manage data using flexible forms with any number of fields. Use it to store notes, logins, passwords, diary entries, recipes or anything else.

One of the unique features is support for multiple files, each with any number of flexible entries. Files can be either open (any user can access the content) or protected/encrypted with a password to prevent unauthorized access.

You can create files for each purpose or if you share your device with a family member, everyone can create secure, personal and protected files not accessible by others.

Lockable Data Store provides more flexibility that common notes or password manager applications.

Lockable Data Store is now available for BlackBerry PlayBook and Android tablets.


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